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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Inspirational Thought

This is the Challenge of Taking the First Step...

I want to talk to you about energy and power. It is something that we all possess, but all of us do not know how to use it positively. It starts inside. Do not be afraid to be you. You have a spark, a flame inside of you that others may not see right now. But it is there. It may have dimmed over time from lack of use; from someone discouraging you or putting you down. Others may have attempted to extinguish it. Maybe your peers, or your husband, your girlfriend, even your parents or other loved ones. It may be that you spend so much time taking care of others, you just never get around to taking care of yourself. Your flame whithers. It dims. But it never dies.

That flame burns. While you try to trick yourself into believing you are content, your heart and soul tell a different story. Perhaps you've accepted that it gets no better. Yet here you are, reading this. Something inside of you says it is not enough. Something is fed up with your complacency and the discontent that you've refused to acknowledge in the past. Something inside you is demanding more. That is your flame. Do not let anyone tell you it doesn't exist. As long as you have breath in your body, that flame is there. You feel it burning inside of you right now. Let it burn. Let it engulf you until your entire being is one big ball of energy, will and determination. Dare to hope.

It may be scary at first. After all, who told you that you could be a diva? You're not beautiful enough, fierce enough, unique enough, similar enough, independent enough, intelligent enough...Who told you that you can aspire to be more than you are today? It's wasn't me. I don't walk on water, nor do I turn water into wine. I am just a woman. But what a woman I am. I have ambition. I have goals. I have the will. I have power. I am a force. Who told me this? I don't need anyone to tell me a damn thing. I told myself. But if you need it on higher authority, the Bible told me so.

And you. What kind of woman are you? How can you be a diva? How do you say your name clearly and with so much pride, that people will think that it's a brand name? How do you overcome your self-esteem issues and remove the stench of complacency you have been festering in for too long? How do you rekindle that flame? I must admit, it is certainly easier said than done. But here is a secret. Confront it. Confront the matter that has been holding you back, study it, learn it and finally, change it or discard it. Remember physics. Energy is neither created nor destroyed; it is simply transformed.

So what is taking your energy? What is harnessing your power and using it against you? It is natural that some things in your life will require your energy. Especially as a woman. At times you may feel like the world is on your shoulders. I have a child, so believe me. I understand. But I use my energy in that aspect because I choose to. I bear that responsibility with love and my energy is positive. Yet still, some energy must be reserved for yourself. Otherwise, you may begin to exert negativity into the things that you should be doing with love. Save some TLC for yourself. And please, please, do not allow anyone to take your power away. Prepare to confront these forces by first confronting yourself. Stand in the mirror and know your flaws without flinching, and your fine points without belittling them. Accept yourself and understand your worth. Every woman is beautiful in different ways. Confront yourself, and then confront the matter that has been filtering your energy away from you. Whether it be to a negative person, a leech in your life, or you find that you have become a victim of self-doubt or just plain laziness. Face it. Once you have acknowledged it, do not sulk over it. Simply change it. Figure out a way to rearrange things in order to acknowledge yourself as deserving and to do something about it. And finally, discard that which is using your power against you. Take back your power and rekindle your flame.

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