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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New and Improved - Check it out!

Hello all! If you enjoy this blog, I've extended it at http://u2canbeadiva.wordpress.com/. I'll be updating it almost daily and I already have some real cool content, beauty tips and new contests for you to check out!

In case you didn't know, Madison Rose is my pen name. I am working on my first novel, but I have a few short stories that I'm sure you'll enjoy on another blog I'm working on. Considering I start working on Jan 12, I'm trying to get as much done as possible. I can't wait to start work, salary plus commission. Never did that before, but I'm excited and I'm going to work my ass off so I can bring home a fat ass commission check each month! Needless to say, I won't have as much time to post, but I will do my bes to post lots of new content every weekend.

Peace & Love!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Inspirational Thought

This is the Challenge of Taking the First Step...

I want to talk to you about energy and power. It is something that we all possess, but all of us do not know how to use it positively. It starts inside. Do not be afraid to be you. You have a spark, a flame inside of you that others may not see right now. But it is there. It may have dimmed over time from lack of use; from someone discouraging you or putting you down. Others may have attempted to extinguish it. Maybe your peers, or your husband, your girlfriend, even your parents or other loved ones. It may be that you spend so much time taking care of others, you just never get around to taking care of yourself. Your flame whithers. It dims. But it never dies.

That flame burns. While you try to trick yourself into believing you are content, your heart and soul tell a different story. Perhaps you've accepted that it gets no better. Yet here you are, reading this. Something inside of you says it is not enough. Something is fed up with your complacency and the discontent that you've refused to acknowledge in the past. Something inside you is demanding more. That is your flame. Do not let anyone tell you it doesn't exist. As long as you have breath in your body, that flame is there. You feel it burning inside of you right now. Let it burn. Let it engulf you until your entire being is one big ball of energy, will and determination. Dare to hope.

It may be scary at first. After all, who told you that you could be a diva? You're not beautiful enough, fierce enough, unique enough, similar enough, independent enough, intelligent enough...Who told you that you can aspire to be more than you are today? It's wasn't me. I don't walk on water, nor do I turn water into wine. I am just a woman. But what a woman I am. I have ambition. I have goals. I have the will. I have power. I am a force. Who told me this? I don't need anyone to tell me a damn thing. I told myself. But if you need it on higher authority, the Bible told me so.

And you. What kind of woman are you? How can you be a diva? How do you say your name clearly and with so much pride, that people will think that it's a brand name? How do you overcome your self-esteem issues and remove the stench of complacency you have been festering in for too long? How do you rekindle that flame? I must admit, it is certainly easier said than done. But here is a secret. Confront it. Confront the matter that has been holding you back, study it, learn it and finally, change it or discard it. Remember physics. Energy is neither created nor destroyed; it is simply transformed.

So what is taking your energy? What is harnessing your power and using it against you? It is natural that some things in your life will require your energy. Especially as a woman. At times you may feel like the world is on your shoulders. I have a child, so believe me. I understand. But I use my energy in that aspect because I choose to. I bear that responsibility with love and my energy is positive. Yet still, some energy must be reserved for yourself. Otherwise, you may begin to exert negativity into the things that you should be doing with love. Save some TLC for yourself. And please, please, do not allow anyone to take your power away. Prepare to confront these forces by first confronting yourself. Stand in the mirror and know your flaws without flinching, and your fine points without belittling them. Accept yourself and understand your worth. Every woman is beautiful in different ways. Confront yourself, and then confront the matter that has been filtering your energy away from you. Whether it be to a negative person, a leech in your life, or you find that you have become a victim of self-doubt or just plain laziness. Face it. Once you have acknowledged it, do not sulk over it. Simply change it. Figure out a way to rearrange things in order to acknowledge yourself as deserving and to do something about it. And finally, discard that which is using your power against you. Take back your power and rekindle your flame.

Giveaways, Clearances & Sales of the Week

Hey ladies. I found some wonderful things on clearance at Victoria's Secret! You may want to check these out and consider some of them for late Christmas gifts to someone, or to yourself.

VS $4.99-$9.99 Clearance

Victoria's Secret is having their Semi-Annual Sale. Boots are starting at $39.99!

VS Semi Annual Sale

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Enter to Win one of five pink DXG-567 HD Camcorders. Ends Jan 31.


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Check back next week for more beauty and fashion deals!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Diva Hairstyles!

These are some fabulous hairstyles that any diva could be proud to wear. A timid woman wouldn't know what to do with them.

This girl is rockin' the hell out of this ponytail!

Tyra is wearing an elegant look that would be beautiful for any special occassion.

She looks cute and confident in her curls and highlights.

Fierce! This hairstyle is unique and for a woman who is confident with herself and being the center of attention.

Natural, clean and beautiful.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Second Step to Being a Diva - The Hair

Your hair, whether it be fine, straight, relaxed, natural, kinky or curly, is an asset. So take care of it like you would your material treasures. No you don't have to have big hair to be a diva. However, we do occassionally like to rock the ridiculously long ponytail or the semi-big hair, pending that it doesn't get out of control and slap your friends and family every time you turn left or right.

So here are a few staples: Keep it healthy. Condition often! Wear a hairstyle appropriate for the shape of your face. Lucky for me, I have a versatile oval head, so I've rocked everything from short to long. Weaves and wigs are excellent for switching up your style without overprocessing your own hair. While you may have a signature style, we divas have to keep it fresh. At my previous job, everyone would always called me a chameleon. I changed my look with each season.

If you have short hair: don't try to force it into a funky style that it doesn't want to go into. Cut it into a short style. Sometimes the sexiest thing about a woman can be her long graceful neck. Accept the face you have and work with it.

If you have medium to long hair, keep those ends neat. Cut off split ends. They cannot be mended. Stay away from harsh gels and that Pump it Up crap! If you try combing that out it will rip your hair right out. If you must use it, wash it out, don't comb it out. Try to use a mild holding spray like Motions, instead. When you move, the hair should move. Just like that.

If you wear it natural, in an afro, twists or locs, keep it moisturized and that kitchen lined up. Even if the actual style is wild. It should say, "Yeah. You will remember this face. I'm that bitch!"

Interview Worthy Shoes

All of these shoes have a classy quality about them, but they are not overly conservative. They make a statement: Pretty, practical, yet still very feminine. You can walk into your interview feeling assured that you're looking professional, yet feeling confident and gorgeous. I'll post the links to where you can find these soon.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Job Interview Tips

Okay. I have friends saying to me, "Damn, girl. How did you get out to AZ and get a job so quickly?" I must admit that I am not the interview queen, and not since I was a teenager have I applied and scored a job within a one week period. But I took a different approach this time. If you're interested, read on...

Instead of applying for 1001 jobs at once, I only applied to 2 that I really felt I either a) was very qualified for, or b) offered entry level opportunity in which I was sure I could meet the qualifications rather quickly. Even though I have ambitions to be self-employed within the next 5 years, I made sure that I applied to companies that I could forsee myself in for years to come. Before I hit that apply button, I researched.

The Resume: There is a fantastic book out there called Resume Magic. It really help me improve my resume and accentuate my positives. Here is the link if you'd like to buy it.

The Callback: If you apply to a company that has a strong reputation and is a leader in its industry, you may want to be prepared for some initial questions over the phone.

The Interview: Dress professionally, yet comfortably. If you don't have a lot of money and need new clothes, try a) Marshalls or TJ Maxx (designer fashions at half the price!) b) a consignment or secondhand shop like Goodwill or Salvation Army. (you'd be suprised at the treasures you can find. c) look in the "free" section on Craigslist or Kijiji. People are often give away clothes that they can no longer fit. Wear some shoes that are broken in, but still fresh looking.
Don't schedule interviews with more than 3 companies in the same week. That way, you can concentrate or researching and learning what type of qualities the employer is looking for and preparing for that interview. You want to be that person and mold your qualifications around the person they want to hire. Have a list of questions ready and be prepared for questions asking you about professional challenges you've faced and how you've overcome them. I will post some interview looks next week. Bye-bye.

First Step in Being a Diva

“She sounds like a freakin’ Self-Help Book!”

Yes, I know ladies. And I sincerely apologize for being cliché. But I have to be honest. Being a diva, being whatever you want to be, begins inside. You have to decide that not only do you want to be a diva, you are a diva. The wonderful thing about being a diva is that no one can tell you a damn thing! You are smart, strong and have a spine made of steel. You’re not opposed to suggestions, maybe even constructive criticism, because one can always do better. But negativity does not bother you. You do not ingest it into your system. It cannot permeate you. Oh, this takes some getting used to. You may cringe on the inside when someone says something hurtful to you, at first. But fake it until you make it. Pretend that the negativity doesn’t bother you until you get to the point that it doesn’t. A true diva understands that most negativity comes from feelings of jealousy or inadequacy. It is a weakness and a diva sees right through these types of individuals.

It may take a while to reach this point, but once you decide that you know yourself better than anyone else, it would literally take the force of Christ himself to tear you down.